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EthicArts is a two-way online marketplace: provides a place for the Creative Industries (freelance artists, SMEs, big companies) to contact and collaborate with each other (Business to Business, B2B) and a market for their customers to find the right product or service they need (Business to Costumer, B2C). Depending on the end of the transaction they are in, our marketplace Members can be Creators or Collectors.

EthicArts aims to become a one-stop ethical and sustainable marketplace where all the artistic and creative needs for both Creators and Collectors are met. We want to provide you with everything from easy to make crowdfunding campaigns, a safe system to do your business, a personal website or promotional tools to supporting your favourite artists, channels to grow and connect with your audience, give back to the community, collaborate on big projects and much more! Our revenue model is based on a commission fee of 13% (the lowest in the market) of every transaction taking place in our platform. As well, as an ethical marketplace some of our main features are our transparency, a fair treatment to all Members involved, obtainging our energy from renewable sources and not selling your data without your permission (and if we do, you get a cut of the profit made from it!).

EthicArts is made by ARCASACRA, an ethical company registered as a Limited Liability Partnership in Scotland (United Kingdom). Our aim is to promote and spread Creativity and the Arts on a global level across all different cultures, societies and countries, to use them as an active agent of the much needed change that our World needs right now. This will be mainly possible thanks to EthicArts and also our Comunidad (Spanish word for “Community”), which will provide Creators with more specific tools and support for their craft (forums, legal and financial advise, marketing and accounting tools, training resources, union information, etc).

EthicArts and ARCASACRA care about the local businesses, creative freelancers and its close-by customers, as we aim to create a human economy that brings wealth and development to its communities in a sustainable way. We are closely involved with the local communities and we take our social commitment very seriously. We believe that any company should give back to the community which allowed them to thrive. Thus, we will invest in social and cultural projects for communities through ARCASACRA | org, arriving soon!

Our mission & approach

We want to use Creativity to create the change we want to see in the World. The Creative Industries and the Arts have an enormous impact in every country’s economy (in 2018 they contributed with £111.7 billion to the UK economy, as explained on this article) and they are perfectly capable of starting an economical revolution towards a system that puts Humanity before money. We want to create the best global community for Creators and Collectors: a fair, ethical milieu that will allow them to connect, interact and collaborate following the principles of Coopetition, a synergy that promotes cooperation instead of competition.

Our Values.


The core of EthicArts and ARCASACRA is its trustable and friendly Community. Humans are social and interdependent beings. Today more than ever in History, and despite our wide diversity, all humans are deeply connected. What some countries or communities do affects the rest in more and more direct and explicit ways. Our impact when we act as a community can be of extraordinary reach and influence, because when people trust, respect and associate respectfully they generate a teamwork capable of creating powerful unions and organisations. They help and look after each other promoting change in laws, governments and market behaviour. We believe in an ethicalsustainableselfless and inclusive Community, with a social responsibility about the environment, empathy for each other and integrity regarding ourselves. We believe in Coopetition (a cooperative competition).


Creativity is the mindful gear of Humanity. All the progressinnovationtechnology and social changes comes as result of the creative process. Culture bonds people together even despite their idiosyncratic differences. Without Ingenuity, humanity can not thrive, move forward as species and as a part of a living world. Through our dedication and discipline we accomplish the efficiency of our duties as creators and deliver with quality the results of our curiosityself motivation and continuous learning that the Creative Path requires from us.


We need Change as we need to Change. Change is movement and movement is life. We are on a critical point in human History where we have to empower ourselves, find the courage to grow personally and professionally and rethink our position in the World if we are to have a genuine and meaningful impact on it. This implies leaving behind the consumerism economy, which is destroying the same planet that allows us to exist. For this, we must reorganice our system and think, act and live differentlyChange requires to be brave enough to enact our independence from a wrong economic system and its obsolete values in order to build a fairer, more humane system based on real Social Justice and Sustainability.

Let’s be the change we want to see in the World!

Our Principles


We understand everybody is unique and has the right to have different thoughts, beliefs and needs. We won’t tolerate any act against this Human Right or any form of discrimination, harassment or threaten against anyone based on gender, race, sexuality, wealth, politics, nationality, etc.


We firmly believe that the most important and valuable asset of the Comunidad are the Creators and Collectors. As they are our key element, our main goal is to protect them and provide them with a safe and secure environment where they can freely trade and socialise: Creators can showcase their creations, and Collectors can acquire high quality, unique and personalised products and services.


We believe and practice Coopetition as an ethic alternative to the individualism and competition. We as humans are stronger when united and cooperation is in our DNA.

Strong Ethics

EthicArts, as part of ARCASACRA, will always strive to be an ethical company and environmentally respectful, with a minimum ecological impact and carbon footprint. We will always aim to use green energy and to reduce to a minimum our energetic impact (more about Sustainability). We will also strive for excellence in matters like Diversity and Inclusion. Please click in the following link If you would like to know more about our Ethics.


EthicArts is part of ARCASACRA, a transparent company with honesty as a core value and we will always have our economic data publicly available. If you want to have a look at it just get in touch! We won’t use any method, legal or illegal, to evade or avoid paying taxes in the countries and territories we do our business. We won’t tolerate any association of our name with an ilegal or unethical activity or entity.


In EthicArts we respect your right to privacy on a free Internet. Our dedication is to provide you the right tools and communication channels in order to achieve a collaborative, transparent and ethical economy not focused in the profit but in honesty and solidarity. We will never sell our member’s data as explained in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy without a member’s explicit and clearly obtained consent. In that case, we would implement an advertisement method in our website or app to that end. In case of a privacy breach we will always communicate it clearly to our members and the case will escalate to the competent authority to start the required legal actions.


EthicArts will negotiate, mediate with our members in case of disputes as stablished in our Terms of Service and always will try to get a friendly solution between the parts. Whenever this is not possible, we will collaborate with both sides of the issue in case they would like to escalate the dispute to the authorities.




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