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Who are the different members of EthicArts and ARCASACRA’s Comunidad?

As we are a Creativity and Arts Service company we name our members with arts related terms:

  • Creator (as they create the products and services): If your are offering a product or service this is what you are.
  • Collector (as in art collector): Those who buy a product, hire a service, etc. Creators can act as Collectors every time they are asking for a product or service to other Creator.
  • Curator (as in museum curator): Our brand ambassadors and those who help you in your day to day business through our Community.

Why the prices are only offered in British Pounds (£) if I don’t live in UK?

Unfortunately and for the time being, we can not offer any other currency other than GBP when you use our marketplace. We will solve this in the near future. Both Paypal and Stripe will convert the price in the right currency for you. We strongly recommend to check beforehand the right amount in your local currency so you price your services or products correctly.

Why does the page want to know about my location?

Our marketplace wants to know your location in case you want to trade with Creators or Collectors from your local area. If that’s not your case you don’t need to share your location at all. The reason behind this is that EthicArts is a marketplace that aims to create a Comunidad, both global and local. Teachers, musicians, painters, sculptors, photographers… those are but a few of the many crafts which can be traded in person, thus helping the local communities to grow and establish positive bonds and relationships.

Why isn’t there an option to especifically create a Creator or Collector profile?

Your role in EthicArts is defined by which end of a creative transaction you are on (selling=Creator, buying=Collector). This is defined, for example, by the listing type you select when posting a listing: if you are a collector, choose Request; if you are a Creator, select any of the other options to trade your work. This way you don’t have to worry about deciding if you are a Collector or a Creator nor have to switch profiles whenever you want to buy or sell in the marketplace. Since we want to create a vibrant and fluid Comunidad in which trading and exchanging are as easy as possible, there’s no point in dividing our members in categories.

Why is Paypal asking me to upgrade my account?

In order for you to be able to trade, Paypal requires to upgrade your individual account to a business account. This is out of our control. They will ask you for different details about your business, like its name, sector or tax and VAT registration, and will also ask for proof of identity. You can find a short how to do it in this link to the Paypal website, and we encourage you to read all the topics on their Help Centre regarding the business account and how to use Paypal so you make the most of it while knowing what you are signing for.

Why does EthicArts define itself as an Ethical Marketplace?

As an ethical marketplace (made by an ethical company, ARCASACRA) we have a clearly defined Social, Environment and Governance principles at our core values. Our aim is to promote and spread Creativity and Arts and not to make the most profit possible at any cost. Go to our Ethics page for more info.

Can we publish our personal email and phone so Collectors can contact us directly?

We at EthicArts strongly advice you against publishing your personal contact details on your listings or your profile (even if we won’t edit or censor your description text if you do so) for the following reasons:

  • If your email and/or phone appear on a listing description, they become plublicly available to the whole community. This could put your privacy and personal details in jeopardy. Plus, and as per our Privacy Policy, we are not responsible for the use of any private data that you voluntarily make public in our website.
  • We can only mediate and help solve any issues rising from a creative transaction when it has taken place in our platform. Any transaction that happens between two individuals outside the marketplace won’t have our support and safety features, as outlined in our Disputes section and our Terms of Service, as well as Paypal and Stripe safety features, our payment gateways providers.
  • By using EthicArts to trade your creativity, you help us grow as a company and as a community. This will allow us to invest in improving our platform and offering you a better service. And with a better service you will have more tools to better market your craft, increase your trading or find the creative service or product you need.

To sum up, trading through our platform helpEthicArts fulfill its mission: to provide an ethical creative marketplace and a thriving community both online and offline for Creators and Collectors. Our growth is your success and the success of the many creative and ethical projects that we have in store for you!




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